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Over the past year, the Global South Academic Network and the Disaster and Emergency Resilience network have been working on building up global connections. The aim was for Scholars to be able to share their studies and projects from around the world and collaborate with like-minded researchers on pioneering and vital analysis of disaster risk management, and equality for all. Across the year, we have accumulated fifty-five blogs across our two websites and ranging on a variety of topics from climate change to recent research from many of our members. We have sent out regular newsletters keeping you updated on upcoming opportunities, and highlighting some of the inspiring work that has been going on across our many communities.

Now, we are moving forward into the next stage of our organisations. Our hope for the future is that DERN and GSAN can become online platforms for people to be able to send each other work, collaborate on projects, and host discussions about their topics, without the need for newsletter and blog updates. We are aiming to transition both projects into self-monitored forums, where people can subscribe and become involved in our network.

We’re moving to a traditional “list-serve” format where people can share and obtain information by sending it to the gsan@essex or dern@essex address. We are confident that people will be responsible in terms of what they send out and will only share relevant information. It will be available to subscribe/withdraw by sending a request to

Any further questions can be directed to founder Gina Yannitell Reinhardt at